Tips For Preparing Your Car For the Summer

It is easy to find ways to prepare your car for the winter but not as many people talk about the things that you should do to your car before summer. If you want your car to be in the best condition this summer so you can enjoy every weekend and break, be sure to use these tips from Ganley Family Insurance, serving Brecksville, OH. 

  • Check your coolant. It can get hot in the summer and if you want to make sure you have enough coolant to keep up with the heat. As a rule of thumb, you should get your coolant changed at least once per year and right before summer is the perfect time to do it. 
  • Change your windshield wipers. Items on your vehicle that are made of rubber are typically designed for specific temperatures. You will want to get some that are ideal for summer for optimal effectiveness. 
  • Check your tires. You should do a visual inspection of your tires and get some new ones if they are getting old or worn down. Also, if you changed to winter tires for the colder weather, you will want to change back to some summer tires now so they are ready for the heat. 
  • Get other systems inspected. You should have all of your fluids and systems inspected by a professional to make sure you do not need to be topped off or need a repair. You can get this done at any shop or during an oil change. 

Another thing you should always ensure is in place is a great auto policy. If you already have one, Ganley Family Insurance, serving Brecksville, OH, can take a look to make sure there are no gaps in coverage and that you have the right amount of coverage. If not, then they can run some quotes for you. Contact them today. 

Reasons to purchase insurance in Brecksville, OH

Brecksville OH is a suburb of the larger metropolis of Cleveland, OH, allowing people to commute to the big city while being able to live in a quieter community. But as with just about anywhere one lives in the United States, you will probably need some form of insurance to protect yourself and your property from unexpected accidents or disasters. Below are some reasons you may need insurance in a place like Brecksville, OH, through a local broker like Ganley Family Insurance.


You will undoubtedly need auto insurance if you plan on driving in Brecksville OH, as it is not only the law but just a good idea. Auto insurance will protect you in the event of an accident, whether it’s your fault or someone else’s. It will not only fix your vehicle or the vehicle you are responsible for damaging, but it will also cover medical bills for anyone who may have been injured in the collision you caused or were involved in, as well as any property damage that may have occurred If you don’t have auto insurance, you could end up owing a significant amount of money in the event of an accident.


If you are a homeowner in Brecksville, OH, you will need home insurance to prevent against unexpected problems that could seriously damage or destroy your home, so you don’t end up quite literally homeless. Powerful snowstorms can roll through the Ohio area and destroy homes from time to time of course, but it is also critical to protect yourself against a fire occurring in your home or a pipe bursting and your home flooding. Having home insurance through a local broker like Ganley Family Insurance is a great way to ensure that the place you live is always protected.

Auto Care Tips to Perform At Home

You don’t always need to go to the auto garage in order to perform some basic auto care. It is possible to save a considerable amount of money while extending the life of your vehicle by performing these basic auto care tips. At Ganley Family Insurance, we want to make sure your Brecksville, OH vehicle is safe, wherever you drive it. 

Wash It

Washing your vehicle is important. During the summer you can wash it at your home. During the winter it is best to go to a drive-through car wash. Make sure the undercarriage is washed in order to remove the rust causing salt from the underbelly of the vehicle. 

Check Air Pressure

The tire pressure is listed on the sides of the tires. Check your tire pressure (if you don’t have a built-in tire gage in the vehicle). Make sure your tires are always properly inflated as this will improve your fuel economy and maximize grip on the roads. 

Check Your Fluids

You don’t need to change your own oil, but you can check your own fluids. Periodically look under the hood and check the fluid levels. If anything is extremely low make sure to top it off (check the owner’s manual for liquid specifics). This helps keep your brake lines, power steering and engine running smoothly throughout the year. 

No matter the make or model of your vehicle, performing these tips will save you money and extend the life of your vehicle. Before performing any kind of work on your vehicle though, make sure to consult the owner’s manual to ensure you’re using the appropriate equipment. At Ganley Family Insurance, we are here for your car, whether you live in Brecksville, OH or anywhere else in the area. 

Important Home Maintenance Tips for Spring

As the cold temperature of winter disappears, and the warm, gentle weather of spring arrives, you should take advantage of the moderate temperature to follow an annual spring maintenance routine. As the agents at Ganley Family Insurance know, the weather in or around Brecksville, OH can get hectic during winter, which is why preventative action is so important. It prevents a wide range of problems and taking a few hours of your day to check your house could help you avoid expensive repairs and irritating problems. Inspecting the exterior of your home is probably the most important thing to do, as winter weather can take a heavy toll on the outside of your home.

Check the roof of your home. While you may think that you’ll need a ladder to inspect your roof, you can use binoculars to spot problems. The main things you should check for are:

  • Shingle-shift, which could indicate that the fasteners have failed and need to be replaced.
  • Try to spot any missing or cracked shingles.
  • Check if there are any nail-pops, which refer to when nails press the tabs of the shingles up. Nail-pops cause water damage when it rains.

Inspect the windows. Make sure that the weather stripping and caulking on your windows are still in place. If you have double-glazed or triple-glazed windows and noticed condensation inside the glass during winter, then the weather seal was damaged, and you’ll need to replace either the window or glass.

Finally, check your foundation. Search your home’s foundation from top to bottom and look for masonry cracks. If you do see cracks, it’s likely not a job that you can fix yourself. Look into hiring a foundation specialist who’s able to use a two-part epoxy injection system that chemically bonds cracks.

Home repairs can be expensive, which is why it’s important to have home insurance. Serving Brecksville, OH, Ganley Family Insurance can help you find out what kind of policy is best for your situation. Or, if you already have insurance, you can discuss additional coverage for financial protection against common home issues.

Pest Infestation and Home Coverage

Can a homeowner expect his or her homeowner insurance to help with covering the cost of a pest infestation cleanup? That depends and may be, but most likely no. While that answer can be confusing, a lot depends on the wording of a given policy and what kind of infestation and damage has actually occurred.

With pest remediation the wording of a homeowner’s policy matters tremendously, according to Ganley Family Insurance. Unfortunately, a large number of cases pests are considered a homeowner’s maintenance issue. Some policies are very specific about using wording that specifically spells out pest types that are not covered. In other cases, if the conditions identify that the damage happened over time and could have been avoided by care, the insurance provider still won’t cover the damage. For example, rats chewing into wires and causing a home fire may be denied if there is proof that the rat presence was known for a long time and nothing was done about it. Pests from home gardens can be another preventable source.

Interestingly, if a house guest is injured by a pest, such as a rat or spider bite a policy may cover the medical costs and related care. This would be considered an injury on the premises which many insurance plans do address (although a rat or spider bite is not likely to rack up thousands upon thousands of dollars in medical costs unless there is a major infection involved).

It’s critical to work with one’s insurance agent ahead of time to be prepared. For those in the Brecksville, OH area, help is available with Ganley Family Insurance. Their agents are trained and experienced in all kinds of damage situations, including those involving pests. They can clarify language clauses and point out what would like to be covered and what would not. And for Brecksville, OH residents, knowledge is half the battle in protecting one’s home.


3 Tips to Preventing Holiday Home Accidents

Holiday season offers a wonderful opportunity for socializing with family and friends. At the same time, having a house full of visitors increases the risk of accidents. A homeowner’s insurance policy from Ganley Family Insurance in Brecksville, OH, can protect you and your guests in the event of an accident. By taking the following precautions, however, you can make accidents at home that much harder to happen.   

Fire Prevention

Check all holiday lights before putting them up to ensure they are in good condition and have no loose wiring. Keep your Christmas tree and decorations away from portable heaters and out of areas that receive a lot of foot traffic. Switch from real candles to LED operated ones that are just as attractive and safer to use around children.

Practice safe cooking habits when in the kitchen. Don’t leave food on the stove unattended and abstain from drinking alcohol until the meal is served. Make the kitchen a “kid-free” zone when cooking lavish holiday meals to reduce the risk of accidents.  

How to Avoid Slips and Falls

Declutter stairs, halls and living areas so guests can move about freely without the risk of tripping and falling. Repair loose floorboards and secure carpets and rugs to the floor to avoid tripping and sliding. For evening gatherings, make sure entryways, stairways and garden walkways are well lit so guests can see where they’re walking.   

Care of Children   

Children are a wonderful part of family gatherings. For their safety, encourage parents to supervise their kids at all times. When selecting kids’ games and toys, make sure they’re safe and age appropriate for playing. Don’t let kids run, jump, or rough house inside the house where they can hurt themselves or others.

For more holiday safety tips and greater insight into home insurance options, contact Ganley Family Insurance in Brecksville, OH.


Protect your home this new year

The new year is a time for fresh beginnings and a time to tighten up any loose ends before you the next year starts. If your home is not secured with the proper home owner’s insurance, now is the time to choose the policy that is right for you. Our agents at Ganley Family Insurance will help you choose the right insurance for your Brecksville area OH home. Whether this is your first home or your third time around, we will assess the needs of you and your family to provide the right insurance for you to take into the new year.

When you purchase your dream home in the Brecksville area, you deserve to protect it to the best of your ability this upcoming year. Whether you are worried about break-ins or weather damage during tornado season, our agents will help you decide the right insurance for your home. We understand how confusing the world of homeowners insurance can be. Our agents encourage you to think of the questions and concerns you may have about purchasing homeowners insurance. We will walk through the process with you, step by step, and go over your options the guide you in making the best decision.

Don’t wait until the new year to purchase or switch your home owner’s insurance. Contact our office today to set up an appointment with one of our knowledgeable agents. Drop by our office and we will assist you or set up an appointment while you’re there. We will discuss how we can make this upcoming year the best one for you, your family, and your home.  

How to Protect Your Family and Home During the Holidays

The holidays are quickly approaching. Due to the nature of the holidays, homeowners are at increased risks of filing a home insurance claim. However, there are measures you can take to protect you and your family this holiday season in Brecksville, OH.  

Take Measures to Prevent Break-Ins  

During the holidays, home break-ins are common. Owners who are busy shopping may forget to set their home alarm or close a window. Unfortunately, thieves see these mishaps as opportunities. However, you can prevent this from happening to you by taking measures to prevent break-ins, including:  

  • Have a neighbor watch your home.  

  • Avoid posting on social media that you are leaving your home.  

  • Ensure all entryways to your home are secure.  

  • Leave a light on in your home.  

The best way to discourage a home break-in is to give the appearance that you are at home. In most cases, thieves avoid homes that look as if someone is home because they want to avoid confrontation.  

Reduce Your Liability By Celebrating Responsibly  

When many people celebrate the holidays in Brecksville, OH, they do so with friends, family, and spirits. Unfortunately, as the homeowner, you may be responsible for your guests getting home safely. To avoid potential liabilities, make sure you have a designated driver for everyone that comes to your holiday celebration and drinks.  

Protect Your Home from Home Fires  

At Ganley Insurance, we’ve found that many people increase their chances of experiencing a fire during the holidays. Some common fire hazards include decorating with lights or an unsupervised stove top. You can avoid this problem by taking measures to reduce the odds of experiencing a fire by educating yourself on home fire prevention techniques.  

For many of our clients at Ganley Insurance, the holidays are their favorite time of year. However, it can be a dangerous time of year as well. You can reduce risk exposure by taking common-sense measures to prevent risks.  


3 things to check in your home for fall

The advent of cooler weather is an important time for homeowners in Brecksville, OH.  With the change in seasons comes a raft of new chores, however. Fortunately, at Ganley Family Insurance we know what you need to do to get ready for the fall.

  1. Pack away your summer stuff.  Along with storing your bathing suits and tank tops, take the time to pack away your yard toys and patio furniture. Place everything in a dry space away from water leaks or other hazards. When winter storms hit, this will give you one less thing to do.
  2. Prep your yard.  Trim back tree branches that could fall and damage your home or cars.  Also rake up leaves and remove debris from your roof and the sides of your home. As this material gets wet, it can decay and rot the structure of your home, leaving you with massive repair bills next spring.  If you can, make sure to remove this material from your roof as well.
  3. Prepare your HVAC system.  Fall is a good time to have your unit professionally serviced, since many companies tend to be slow this time of year.  Also make sure that your outside unit is clear of debris and weeds.  Remove dust form your heater coils and ductwork with a vacuum cleaner.

This fall, if you’re thinking about getting a new home owner’s insurance policy, or if you just want to save money on the policy you already have, call the agents at Ganley Family Insurance.  They have years of experience helping people in the Brecksville, OH area find a policy that’s right for them.

6 Reasons Your Home Insurance Policy Matters

You likely already know your home insurance policy does matter, but the mere fact of thinking about what insurance really means can make you consider events you’d prefer not to dwell on. Ganley Family Insurance serves Brecksville, OH wants you to keep your home safe though, so learn more about why it should be on your mind. 

1. You Have More Than You Think 

Most people don’t realize just how much valuable possessions they’ve managed to accumulate. When people move, they may think that they have a lot of ‘stuff’, but some of that stuff is worth a lot. Home insurance can make sure you keep it. 

2. Natural Disasters Can Come From Nowhere 

And there’s nothing worse than feeling unprepared for them, or wondering what will happen you if something happens to your home. 

3. Snow Is Here to Stay 

Ohio can get some wicked snow, and even if it’s not a natural disaster, it can cause some damage to both the inside and outside of a home. Having a means to claim these repairs can save you more money than you think. 

4. Criminals Can Strike Anytime 

And they may do more than just take your jewelry. Without the right kind of coverage, you may be left to pick up the pieces on your own. 

5.  Floods Cause Major Damage 

Unless you bought extra insurance, floods are not typically covered. This can come as a surprise to many homeowners who find this out too late.  

6. Insurance Means Someone Fighting on Your Side

And no one understands this more than Ganley Family Insurance. If you’re looking for a new quote serves Brecksville, OH, then give us a call for more information or to ask questions about your current policy.