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At Ganley Family Insurance, you'll get one-on-one support as you consider all of your auto insurance needs. In the state of Ohio, drivers must carry auto insurance to protect others on the road with them. And, you may need additional insurance coverage to protect the value of your vehicle. Our independent insurance agents will work with you to customize a policy that meets each one of your unique needs.

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Most likely, your home is your most valuable asset, and Ganley Family Insurance can help you to protect it. Home insurance is one of the most important investments you can make into your home. It protects you from loss and helps to ensure your home remains protected from many types of risks. Every home is unique. That's why we offer complete, customized home insurance quotes for each of our clients.

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Procuring life insurance serves many purposes including preparing for unforeseeable expenses or unexpected death. It can also be used to plan for a more secure future for you or your loved ones. Life insurance usually falls into one of three categories, term (lower premiums and no buildup of cash value), cash value (higher premiums that allow the difference in price to accumulate over time), or a combination of both.

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Cleveland, OH Insurance Agents • Ganley Family Insurance.


Ganley Family Insurance is Brecksville, OH independent insurance agency capable of ensuring families with security and confidence. We diligently work with our customers to help them select coverage that fits perfectly with their situations.

Homeowners must have protection to meet Ohio state regulations. Our independent agents work with a myriad of insurance providers with access to numerous policy options to best suit you. We can find and customize policies to essentially cover whatever you need covered.

Ohio drivers do not have to wonder where they will find coverage; Ganley Family Insurance has everything they need. Our firm connects drivers with the auto insurance that not only meets state minimums but also provides a cushion that they need if something unfavorable occurs. One never knows what lies ahead on the road from day to day. Being safe by purchasing a healthy insurance policy is the best way to go. Our agents can help a consumer handpick a policy and various individual features that will add an extra layer of comfort to the journey.

We are eager to assist our clients, and we stand proudly behind our philosophy of customer service supremacy. Customer care takes precedence over all in our firm.

Take a step toward stability, and get in touch with our office. Our independent insurance agents at Ganley Family Insurance can help you customize your personal auto or home insurance today. We are sure that you will find a policy that can give you the peace of mind and protection you deserve.