5 Ways to Keep Your Family Safe on Your Boat in Brecksville

Owning a boat is your ticket to a wonderful ride on the lake, but there are also inherent dangers that come with being on the water. Keeping your family safe is paramount and it’s easy when you have the right tools. Here are 5 ways to have a great summer. 

1. Teach Everyone the Procedures

When people panic, all reason can go out the window. You need to have a designated plan that can be implemented immediately after problems occur. All of the steps need to be rehearsed at length. While your kids may find it annoying to run through it over and over, it will ultimately be in their best interest to do so. 

2. Wearing Life Jackets 

Even if you and your family are excellent swimmers, things can happen that can render you temporarily unable to swim. Enforce this rule so you have consistent measures to stave off a drowning accident. 

3. Install a Carbon Monoxide Detector 

This horrible type of poisoning is often undetectable until it’s too late. You face this danger with boats, and it’s worth having a detector so you know when it reaches unsafe levels. 

4. Have a Float Plan 

If something goes wrong, a float plan will tell officials where you are so they can find you. Telling a friend may mean wasting time if they’re unable to remember your exact location or wait too long to call in your absence. 

5. Buy Insurance 

From personal injuries to damage to your boat, insurance can help you have the right protection in your corner. Ganley Family Insurance serves the people of Brecksville, and we’re here to get you the details on a new policy, so you can feel even more secure when you’re on the water.