6 Reasons Your Home Insurance Policy Matters

You likely already know your home insurance policy does matter, but the mere fact of thinking about what insurance really means can make you consider events you’d prefer not to dwell on. Ganley Family Insurance serves Brecksville, OH wants you to keep your home safe though, so learn more about why it should be on your mind. 

1. You Have More Than You Think 

Most people don’t realize just how much valuable possessions they’ve managed to accumulate. When people move, they may think that they have a lot of ‘stuff’, but some of that stuff is worth a lot. Home insurance can make sure you keep it. 

2. Natural Disasters Can Come From Nowhere 

And there’s nothing worse than feeling unprepared for them, or wondering what will happen you if something happens to your home. 

3. Snow Is Here to Stay 

Ohio can get some wicked snow, and even if it’s not a natural disaster, it can cause some damage to both the inside and outside of a home. Having a means to claim these repairs can save you more money than you think. 

4. Criminals Can Strike Anytime 

And they may do more than just take your jewelry. Without the right kind of coverage, you may be left to pick up the pieces on your own. 

5.  Floods Cause Major Damage 

Unless you bought extra insurance, floods are not typically covered. This can come as a surprise to many homeowners who find this out too late.  

6. Insurance Means Someone Fighting on Your Side

And no one understands this more than Ganley Family Insurance. If you’re looking for a new quote serves Brecksville, OH, then give us a call for more information or to ask questions about your current policy.