How to Protect Your Family and Home During the Holidays

The holidays are quickly approaching. Due to the nature of the holidays, homeowners are at increased risks of filing a home insurance claim. However, there are measures you can take to protect you and your family this holiday season in Brecksville, OH.  

Take Measures to Prevent Break-Ins  

During the holidays, home break-ins are common. Owners who are busy shopping may forget to set their home alarm or close a window. Unfortunately, thieves see these mishaps as opportunities. However, you can prevent this from happening to you by taking measures to prevent break-ins, including:  

  • Have a neighbor watch your home.  

  • Avoid posting on social media that you are leaving your home.  

  • Ensure all entryways to your home are secure.  

  • Leave a light on in your home.  

The best way to discourage a home break-in is to give the appearance that you are at home. In most cases, thieves avoid homes that look as if someone is home because they want to avoid confrontation.  

Reduce Your Liability By Celebrating Responsibly  

When many people celebrate the holidays in Brecksville, OH, they do so with friends, family, and spirits. Unfortunately, as the homeowner, you may be responsible for your guests getting home safely. To avoid potential liabilities, make sure you have a designated driver for everyone that comes to your holiday celebration and drinks.  

Protect Your Home from Home Fires  

At Ganley Insurance, we’ve found that many people increase their chances of experiencing a fire during the holidays. Some common fire hazards include decorating with lights or an unsupervised stove top. You can avoid this problem by taking measures to reduce the odds of experiencing a fire by educating yourself on home fire prevention techniques.  

For many of our clients at Ganley Insurance, the holidays are their favorite time of year. However, it can be a dangerous time of year as well. You can reduce risk exposure by taking common-sense measures to prevent risks.