3 Tips to Preventing Holiday Home Accidents

Holiday season offers a wonderful opportunity for socializing with family and friends. At the same time, having a house full of visitors increases the risk of accidents. A homeowner’s insurance policy from Ganley Family Insurance in Brecksville, OH, can protect you and your guests in the event of an accident. By taking the following precautions, however, you can make accidents at home that much harder to happen.   

Fire Prevention

Check all holiday lights before putting them up to ensure they are in good condition and have no loose wiring. Keep your Christmas tree and decorations away from portable heaters and out of areas that receive a lot of foot traffic. Switch from real candles to LED operated ones that are just as attractive and safer to use around children.

Practice safe cooking habits when in the kitchen. Don’t leave food on the stove unattended and abstain from drinking alcohol until the meal is served. Make the kitchen a “kid-free” zone when cooking lavish holiday meals to reduce the risk of accidents.  

How to Avoid Slips and Falls

Declutter stairs, halls and living areas so guests can move about freely without the risk of tripping and falling. Repair loose floorboards and secure carpets and rugs to the floor to avoid tripping and sliding. For evening gatherings, make sure entryways, stairways and garden walkways are well lit so guests can see where they’re walking.   

Care of Children   

Children are a wonderful part of family gatherings. For their safety, encourage parents to supervise their kids at all times. When selecting kids’ games and toys, make sure they’re safe and age appropriate for playing. Don’t let kids run, jump, or rough house inside the house where they can hurt themselves or others.

For more holiday safety tips and greater insight into home insurance options, contact Ganley Family Insurance in Brecksville, OH.