Pest Infestation and Home Coverage

Can a homeowner expect his or her homeowner insurance to help with covering the cost of a pest infestation cleanup? That depends and may be, but most likely no. While that answer can be confusing, a lot depends on the wording of a given policy and what kind of infestation and damage has actually occurred.

With pest remediation the wording of a homeowner’s policy matters tremendously, according to Ganley Family Insurance. Unfortunately, a large number of cases pests are considered a homeowner’s maintenance issue. Some policies are very specific about using wording that specifically spells out pest types that are not covered. In other cases, if the conditions identify that the damage happened over time and could have been avoided by care, the insurance provider still won’t cover the damage. For example, rats chewing into wires and causing a home fire may be denied if there is proof that the rat presence was known for a long time and nothing was done about it. Pests from home gardens can be another preventable source.

Interestingly, if a house guest is injured by a pest, such as a rat or spider bite a policy may cover the medical costs and related care. This would be considered an injury on the premises which many insurance plans do address (although a rat or spider bite is not likely to rack up thousands upon thousands of dollars in medical costs unless there is a major infection involved).

It’s critical to work with one’s insurance agent ahead of time to be prepared. For those in the Brecksville, OH area, help is available with Ganley Family Insurance. Their agents are trained and experienced in all kinds of damage situations, including those involving pests. They can clarify language clauses and point out what would like to be covered and what would not. And for Brecksville, OH residents, knowledge is half the battle in protecting one’s home.