Are Home Insurance Scams Real?

The news in Brecksville, OH has been covering a lot of scams lately, the kind that heavily affects elderly people. Do home insurance scams happen regularly and how can they be avoided? That’s what we here at Ganley Family Insurance are here to help you find out.

What Are These Scams?

Although true insurance scams are relatively rare, it is possible for an insurance company to scam a homeowner out of a little money. Most will be centered around a specific agent acting in their interest. The company itself is not performing the fraud, but the person who represents the company. While rare, they can cost you thousands of dollars.

Most will take the form of asking for too much for a policy as the agent pockets the difference. In this way, the provider gets the money they need, and the agent earns too much. Avoiding this kind of problem is as easy as always asking to see a direct quote from the insurance provider.

Scams From The Policy Holder Are More Common

While it is possible to get scammed from insurance companies, it is relatively rare. The only type that occurs regularly is door-to-door sellers who don’t represent an insurance business. They will typically set up a scenario in which they get money from the person they are scamming. Avoiding this scenario involves never buying policies unless directly contacting a trusted agent. However, real scams are more common from those who are insured.

Why is that the case? Home insurance providers are heavily regulated and their actions regularly scrutinized. It’s a lot harder for them to scam somebody, as a result. However, homeowners can often trick an insurance company with false claims. While also not common, it is a problem that plagues the insurance industry.

You Are Protected

If you live in North Olmsted, Strongsville, or Brecksville, OH and are worried about a scam, please contact us today. Ganley Family Insurance has decades of experience serving the area and will provide you with high-quality and fair coverage.