Is Umbrella Insurance Worth It?

There’s little doubt that umbrella insurance is worth it for a variety of individuals, but that doesn’t mean that it’s right for everyone. Learn more about who it was designed for, and why you may or may not want to have a policy if you live in Brecksville, OH from your friends at Ganley Family Insurance. 

More to Lose 

Umbrella insurance is available to go above and beyond the current liability limits you have on your auto or home insurance. So if you happen to cause an accident that injures the other party, you won’t have to worry about having to spend all of your savings on their medical bills. While your auto insurance will certainly be able to cover injuries, it may not be able to cover the full extent of those injuries. For example, if the other party you injured suffers a chronic injury that requires constant medical care. 

Liability and Slander 

The other reason why a person in Brecksville, OH may want to get umbrella insurance is that they have a reputation they need to uphold. For example, if someone accuses you of doing something, you’ll need to be able to pay for a lawsuit as well as damage control in the case of slander. Again, you may have some type of policy that can help, but an umbrella insurance policy will go the extra mile when it comes to protecting you.

For more information, call Ganley Family Insurance about whether or not an umbrella insurance is worth it for you. Most people could benefit from at least a low level of coverage. You may be surprised at just how much coverage you can get for just a small investment on your part. Talk to our staff today to get a quote today!