Do I really need to complete a home inventory?

If you own a home in Brecksville, OH, you hopefully are already protecting your property with a homeowners policy through Ganley Family Insurance. Your home is probably your biggest investment, and you need the peace of mind that comes with knowing that if anything were to happen to it, you and your family would be taken care of.

When you purchased your policy, your agent suggested that you should make an inventory of all your possessions. You may not have done so, because like many other people, you don’t realize how important it is to have that inventory when you need it. 

If you ever did experience a burglary or fire, or another kind of incident where your possessions were lost or destroyed, you would need to file a claim with your insurance. You will need to specifically list all of your losses, in order for us to start the process of getting your funds to you.

Any time you experience a loss can be stressful, and it can be especially traumatic when the loss is large. Having the inventory ready will save you the work of making a list then, and it will greatly simplify the process of filing your claim. 

You can find a handy checklist to help you fill out your inventory at Using an outline can help you make sure you don’t accidentally leave out anything valuable or important. It is also a good idea to save receipts on large purchases, like televisions or appliances, so you know the value. Keep your paperwork somewhere safe.

To protect your home in Brecksville, OH, make the most complete inventory possible. If you need any assistance, please feel free to call Ganley Family Insurance today. We can provide you with various options so you can get the homeowners policy that’s right for you.