Progressive home owners insurance: What you need to know!

Homeowners insurance is an agreement between you and your insurance company which basically covers your house, separated structures, lawsuits among others. Purchasing a progressive homeowners insurance policy is safe since it offers affordable and comprehensive homeowners coverage for most major risks including fire, theft, and flood among others.

Before settling down on a specific policy, it is important to understand what exactly you’re yourself to. The following guide will help you get a little knowledge on what you need to know about a progressive homeowner’s insurance cover.

1. Price. Various factors are considered when pricing homeowners insurance. Firstly, the size and cost of your home. Secondly, the materials used in constructing your home. Thirdly, your previous claims, and lastly the vulnerability of damages in your area and other safety features.

2. What is covered? Basically, there is a standard homeowners policy which is offered in most states. Nevertheless, it does not cover every aspect of your home. The standard coverage only shields your house, structures not attached to your house, your personal property not inclusive of your expensive items, temporary living expenses, injury on your property and lawsuits. Any other costs and items will need add-on coverage to cater for the expenses in case of perils.

3. Making a claim. Before making a claim, it is necessary to understand that there are some out pocket expenses that you will incur, the main payment being the deductible which is payable if you have another claim or if your home is damaged. Purchasing homeowners insurance cover with a company that has good reviews and great customer service will save you in case you have a claim to process since it’ll be handled efficiently without any headaches.

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