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Condominium Insurance

A condominium can be the perfect choice for anyone who doesn't want to rent an apartment or buy a single family home. However, a condominium has its own specific insurance needs. Since condominiums fall into a unique category of home ownership, knowing how to properly insure this special type of home is important.

Why is Condominium Insurance Necessary?

Condominium insurance may seem unnecessary to some people because an Ohio condominium association will commonly hold insurance for the entire condominium. However, this insurance applies only to the building exterior, the commonly owned property, and liability coverage for the condominium association.

Everything that the owner of the individual condominium unit has within their home is not generally covered by the condominium association's policy. Condominium insurance is needed to cover furniture, clothes, and all the other personal possessions kept in the condominium.

Further, condominium insurance is needed because it gives individual liability coverage to the owner of the condominium unit. If a visitor were to slip and fall, breaking their leg on a wet bathroom floor, the owner of the condominium unit would be responsible legally. The liability portion of the condominium coverage would compensate the injured person in situations like this.

What is Covered in a Condominium Policy?

Every condominium policy is unique to the policy holder, but some common coverage types may include: natural disaster, theft, vandalism, and fire. Be sure to speak with your agent about exactly what situations will be included in each coverage category, and don't hesitate to ask for supplementary coverage if the condominium coverage doesn't appear to be sufficient. Your Brecksville, OH condominium insurance agents are ready to work with you to create a policy that is customized for your unique needs.

The independent insurance agents at Ganley Family Insurance offer condominium insurance quotes that are customized for each customer. Call or contact us via the website contact form to get complimentary quotes today!