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Ohio Renters insurance

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Renters Insurance

Renter's insurance is usually not a requirement for a tenant, though it may be a condition of the lease in some instances. You may feel that this is an unnecessary expense, but we beg to differ. As independent insurance agents in Ohio, we know that renters are vulnerable to many of the same risks as home owners.

If the home owner has coverage on the property, then it covers the structure itself. The house would be covered, but your possessions would not be included. If the house is damaged to the point that it is impossible to live there, because of flooding, fire, or some other force of nature, you would have the daunting financial tasks of replacing your damaged or lost items as well as finding somewhere else to live.

Theft is another problem for the uninsured. The home owner's insurance would covers any damages that occurred during the robbery, but only if the damaged property belonged to him or her. If your clothing, electronics, furniture, money, or any other personal items were destroyed or taken, the home owner is not liable and his or her coverage will not extend to you.

Brecksville, OH renters insurance agents, like Ganley Family Insurance will take the time to assess your needs and provide the coverage you need to give you peace of mind. We can suggest a policy that is appropriate to your individual situation without creating an expensive bill for you every month.

The trained professionals at Ganley Family Insurance can answer more specific questions concerning any example that may be unique to your circumstances such as natural disasters, housing if you are displaced from the residence, money-saving tips, steps you can take to protect your belongings, possible coverage away from the residence, or destruction of personal property by other people or their pets.