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Ohio Umbrella insurance

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Umbrella Insurance

Although many people may be unfamiliar with umbrella insurance, it is an essential kind of coverage for anyone who wants to have the maximum amount of liability insurance for their business, home, or auto. Umbrella insurance can be used by a number of different customers, including both businesses and individuals.

Understanding Umbrella Insurance

Umbrella insurance is a liability addition designed to shield companies and individuals from legal actions like lawsuits. Although the great majority of homeowner's and auto insurance policies already have liability coverage, it is restricted to a fairly small amount. Most people include only the liability levels required by the state of Ohio in their insurance policy. However, people who are faced with a major lawsuit may soon learn that minimal liability coverage just isn't sufficient.

The Umbrella Insurance Coverage

There are a number of different things covered by umbrella insurance. The most common coverage types are: property damage, lawsuits, legal actions, and injury to others. This coverage is designed to integrate with the standard insurance policy. Once the limits of the standard insurance policy have been reached, the umbrella insurance policy will then assume the remainder of the responsibility for paying damages. Be sure to consult with your independent insurance agents about the precise level of umbrella insurance that you'll need. Many people are surprised to learn that they can get a very extensive umbrella policy for only a small extra amount every month.

Wondering whether you have enough liability coverage to handle a true disaster? Don't take any chances - add an umbrella policy. The Brecksville, OH umbrella insurance agents at Ganley Family Insurance can help with umbrella insurance policies. Call or contact us via the website contact form to get no obligation umbrella insurance quotes online today!